Membership Conditions


  1. Terminology and definitions

An adult physical person or a subject, who is registered to EC COSMETICS system and can use benefits and discounts offered by our company.

A person who buys EC Cosmetics products for catalogue prices.


One calendar month in the year; when after adding up the turnovers, commissions are calculated in accordance with the applicable Compensation Plan.


A place on the Website available to the User, through which s/he voluntarily introduces data and manages it. The shared data is protected from access by other Users; however, it may be used by the Administrator on the terms specified in the TERMS AND CONDITIONS FOR REGISTERED CUSTOMERS EC COSMETICS EUROPE („GENERAL CONDITIONS FOR REGISTERED CUSTOMERS“).


Websites available on URL address managed by EC COSMETICS.

Offering goods and services directly to consumers using individual contacts, in addition to permanent retail outlets and including a personal presentation of the product.

A person who can but doesn't have to apply for registration, as well as any other entity using the Website.


1 point = 1 EUR (more in the Compensation Plan);


A distributor (a person who accepted the terms of EC and concluded a Distributor’s Agreement and accepted the GENERAL CONDITIONS) who purchased EC Cosmetics products in the current Settlement Period with a point value of at least 20 points; more in the Compensation Plan.


  1. Introduction




  1. Personaldata

Personal data provided during sending opinions, comments, forum responses, as well as information placed on the subpages and subdomains belonging to the EC Cosmetics are available to all entities visiting sites that contain this data. EC COSMETICS informs that it is not practically possible to protect the User against natural or legal persons who may use the data, which is why they are not subject GENERAL CONDITIONS.

  1. Ordering  products

Registred customer and unregistred customer may purchase products in the EC COSMETICS assortment by placing an order and concluding a sale agreement in accordance with the GENERAL CONDITIONS. In the case of electronics bankings payments only the payment service system knows and is responsible for the data provided in its forms. Payment service forms are located on its server and are encrypted with appropriate technologies securing transactions.

  1. Security

All forms, especially customer registration and orders that require full personal data of the member, are protected by appropriate technologies against unauthorized access.

  1. Information emails



  1. Cookie files (Cookies)

Some areas of websites belonging to the EC COSMETICS may use cookies, i.e. small text files sent to the Internet user's computer, identifying them in a way necessary to simplify the procedure of User recognition. Cookies are not harmful to the computer, its user or their data. The condition for the cookies to work is their acceptance by the browser who give the permission to using them by a click.

  1. EC COSMETICS assures Registered Customers that the distributed products comply with the official product specifications. In the case of claims under the warranty for defects in the product in the period covered by the warranty and its recognition by the manufacturer as justified, EC COSMETICS will immediately replace the purchased products with products without defects. In the case of claims being filed after the expiry date indicated on the product and which has been delivered to the Customer before that time, i.e. free from defects, it is not possible to replace it.


  1. Registration of the customer



  1. Announcements, advertisingmaterials




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