About us

Let us introduce you the Czech cosmetics company EC COSMETICS.

EC COSMETICS was founded in 2017 with a clear goal to produce and sell  its high quality products of luxury perfumes and natural cosmetics.

This ambitious project would not have been possible without great experts and professionals who work for EC COSMETICS and have extensive professional experience.

The sale of EC products is realized either by the sales system on the e-shop or by the so-called MLM system (MULTILEVEL MARKETING). Our products are completely manufactured in the production area in Brno in the Czech Republic. The new, fully automatic production lines belongs in their quality and production capacity to the world's best.

Not only the first-class technology, but also the high-quality components and raw materials we use are the reason why we produce the most diverse perfumes, which find their loyal customers around the world! During the production we place the maximum emphasis on the quality and natural composition, on the positive and environmentally friendly relationship with nature. The environment is very important for us. That’s why our products don't contain phthalates, silicones, parabens or petroleum products. Our products are not tested on animals.

EC COSMETICS is currently represented in 28 countries, and more are coming soon.

We create a new lifestyle, a community of confident and satisfied people. Further more, we offer not only exceptional products but also the opportunity for our partners and distributors to fulfil their dreams through great achievements and success.


So, do not hesitate to join EC COSMETICS' magic world of perfumes and cosmetics!


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