Ethics code

Code of Conduct

We would like to present basic principles of ethical conduct observance of which shall make our work together more pleasant and facilitate creation of good, more productive and reliable relationships. 
This Code of Conduct is a reflection of our moral values and shall specify our Distributor’s and partners’ conduct and behaviour.
We believe that the Code of Conduct will become a useful mission for you while developing and building EC Cosmetics and that you will share our values with us which lead to the shared goal.

Your EC Cosmetics


  1. Scope of Authority of the Code of Conduct and Definition of Terms


  1. a) between EC Cosmetics and the Distributor, EC Cosmetics Club Member
  2. b) between Distributors, EC Cosmetics Club Members
  3. c) between the Distributor and the Customer, EC Cosmetics Club Member
  4. d) occurring during promotion and sale of the Products.


  1. Relations between EC Cosmetics and Distributors or EC Cosmetics Club Member



  1. Mutual Relations between Distributors and Building Distributor’s Network



  1. Relationship between Distributors or EC Cosmetics Club Memberand Customers (or any other third persons)



  1. Presentation of Products



  1. Sale of Products



  1. Consequences of Breach of Code of Conduct


The Code of Conduct takes force and becomes effective as of 1st January 2018.


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